Weekend getaway: Island Pag

It wasn’t exactly for the whole weekend but only for a day, Sunday to be exact, but let’s pretend it’s the same. 🙂 Well, my brother, his girlfriend and I went to island Pag which is located in Adriatic sea in Croatia. It’s pretty far from where we live, therefore we had to get up really early but it was worth it! The weather was pretty good, more or less sunny with some clouds, and pretty warm. And although tired we were all in good spirits! 🙂


We decided not to take the highway but the coastal road because of the beautiful scenery. Although the road is pretty curvy and unpleasant, especially if you are a passenger (I was sick most of the time) the view was worth it! Since the weather was good we were able to see all of the islands like Cres, Krk, Rab and of course Pag. They are all accessible by ferry, Pag and Krk also by the bridge.


I took us over four hours to get to the bridge that connects mainland with the island Pag but it was oh so worth it! Look at this amazing view from the island to the land. Incredible right? What you see is Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia which is located along the Adriatic coast.


By crossing the bridge you get to island Pag which is the fifth biggest island of the Croatian coast. To me it looked like a place out of this earth! I am used to seeing lots of green scenery on islands in Adriatic sea but this one was different. Most of the island was rocky, only smaller areas were covered with Mediterranean vegetation. I kept thinking I was on another planet. 🙂 It was so different from other islands but yet so beautiful!


Because Pag is a very windy island, especially on the side that faces the mainland, we also saw quite a few wind turbines that are a part of the first Croatian wind farm which has operated since 2004.

We didn’t have time to stop everywhere so we saw quite a few places from the car. What a shame, I know! But we still managed to see quite a few beautiful places. First on our list was the largest town on the island – Pag (yes, the name of the island and the name of the town are the same). The town is also one of the most historically and culturally interesting places on the island and therefore a must see place. We decided to take a walk through the town not just because the weather was beautiful but because we also wanted to see the town. I must say it was really nice, calm and – empty. Well, it was the end of February after all. 🙂

First we took a stroll down the waterfront and enjoyed the view over the harbor and the sea. And then later we got lost in the charming narrow streets of the town. Most of the Pag’s old buildings were nicely renewed, especially the parish church of St. Mary, the old Tower, the remains of the town walls and the Duke’s palace.


After that it was time for lunch so we drove to one of the small villages not far away from the town. We really wanted to eat lunch by the sea and enjoy the view. I totally forgot the name of the place but it sure looked beautiful! This was the beach where we chilled after the lunch. Not bad, ha?! 😉

Since we already talk about food … We all know that Mediterranean region is famous for its delicious sea food and olive oil, but Pag is also famous for its production of cheese made from the milk of autochthonous breed of sheep. Pag’s cheese is a delicacy and if you visit the island don’t forget to try it! As I found out the best place to do the tasting is the cheese factory Sirarna Gligora where Pag cheese is produced and where they also offer cheese-tasting guided tour.


After lunch it was time to continue our trip and we drove to Lun, which was in my opinion one of the most amazing places on the island. The village is pretty small and there is not much to do but what makes it so special are the olive gardens which spread on over 1000 acres and contain around 80.000 olive trees. The oldest trees have really large trunks what means that they are pretty old. Apparently some of them are over 1500 years old! Amazing, right?!


On our way home we also stopped in Novalja, a town located in the north of the island. Novalja is especially famous because of Zrče beach where the biggest summer parties take place every summer.

We didn’t have time to research neither the town nor the beach because our main goal was to catch the ferry back to the mainland. And this beautiful sunset accompanied us on our way back home! It was a perfect ending of a beautiful day! 🙂


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